Just make your order and choose any sendingcost option available, see next info about sendingcost of your order

1. Must i pay right away after order? No, don't do that, because of some different reasons.  For orders outside Holland, it is very important that you don't pay after you ordered, we will contact you about your order and will let you know what the total cost are. The sendingcost in the webshop are fictive and are for orders wich should be sended to adress in Holland. The hight of sendingcost depend on the country and sending method and weight of your order. Sending-cost are getting heigher every year. Sorry, we can't change that.  This is al depending on country and weight of package. After we found out what total cost are, then we will ask you to transfer the right amount in euros, so a few mails will folow

2. What do you have in stock? We have many items in stock. Many original military, but you see also many other items. After you ordered, we will let you know what we have and if there are some other items that we don't have in stock. If you are looking for something, let us know, we have many other items that are not listed in our webshop. If we don't have it, we will try to find it for you

3. I want to collect the items in the shop? no problem. if you are living nearby ;-), or coming to te shop in the near future. Just let us know.

4. How can you reach us? email or by phone  +31 24-3225480

5. How quickly do i have my order? We hope ofcourse asap, but we don't know exactly. Already sended orders to many countries. DPD (europe) is normally a few days untill 1 week

6. How quick can you send? normally if items are in stock and payment has been made, we will send asap (normally the same day or the next). The time that it takes the parcel to reach you, we can't tell you exactly, but most packages will take a few days

7. Do you have an other question, just let us know